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Welcome to gimmiethat! I specialize in creating one of a kind statement headbands for women and girls. This blog features my creations and other good stuff thrown in for fun!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Product, Wadda Ya Think?

This is a frame I made for a lovely lovely customer.

If you like it, you can have one too! Leave a comment here or if you have an etsy acct, you can send me a convo! Just think of all the color possibilities!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty New Addition

Makes a great statement for spring and summer! Wear it dressy or casual!

In the shop now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

No Frumpy Frau Friday!

Okay so here we are at the second installment of No Frumpy Frau Friday. Click here to read what this is all about.

One must pay attention to the seasonal trends in order to avoid the vast pit of frump. A great trend that has been here for a while now is ruffles. I just can't get enough of them.
White Ruffle Flats - I love flats with peep toes! These white ones are perfect for summer!
Grey Chiffon Ruffle Flower Handbag - A great statement bag! The detail is beautiful and I would carry this anywhere!
Ruffle Belt - I own this belt and it looks great on just about anything. How about wearing it over a crisp white button down collared shirt?
Flora Tee - Beautiful handmade cascading ruffles adorn this shirt! It comes in lots of colors too!
Ruffle Cuff with Faux Pearls and Rhinestones - Great accessory for a night out!
Petite Ruffle Necklace - Love Love Love! I think it makes a lovely and feminine statement. Did I mention I love this?
Black Ruffle Apron - Yes this is an apron. We still need to look foxy while in the kitchen, no? Love the gem detailing!
Grey Ruffle Bag - This little number is perfect for day or night!
Frill Trim Woven Jacket - Wear this with a white or black tee underneath and dark trouser jeans!
Tuxedo Tank Top - I have this and I adore it! I wear it with a black tee underneath and cropped jeans. So Fun!
Ruffle Sleeve Shirt - An all around go with anything great shirt!
Gunmetal Ruffle Brooch - Okay, this one's from my shop. Who said I can't put my own stuff in here?
Ruffle Smocked Wrap - Cute with a tee underneath and a bright colored belt over the top!
Ruffled White Necklace - Vintage and graceful. I heart it so much! It can be made to your desired length too!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Spring and Summer Door Hanger

I thought I'd try posting some of the other crafty stuff I like to do besides my headbands. Mix it up a bit, you know?

Anyway, when springtime rolled around, I was about to put the same old tired wreath on my door that I have had for about 4 years now. The color had faded and a lot of the flowers had come off during it's use over the years. While I was standing on my porch picking the cobwebs out of it, I realized it would be fun to try something new.

Wreaths can be expensive and since I'm "financially challenged" I decided to go a different route.

I put together the following for less than $20 bucks:
I found a frame in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby and the blue tin flower holder (don't know the technical name for those) came from the gardening section at Hobby Lobby for half off. The awesome orange flowers came from Jo Ann's at half off too!

I already had the ribbon on hand and I just tacked the ends of it into the top of the door and then I put double sided tape on the back of the frame so it doesn't move around when the door is opening or closing.

I hung the blue flower holder from a tiny nail that I put in the door. If you are uncomfortable with putting a nail in your door, maybe you could use one of those hooks with the sticky stuff that comes off clean and then hide the hook with your flowers.

I think I like this better than a wreath and it will be fun to change it up a bit for holidays and different seasons!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Perfect Summer Accessory!

Fun new summer headband! In the shop now!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Introducing No Frumpy Frau Friday!

Read this post for an update on what No Frumpy Frau Friday is!

So what's the first "no Frau" tip?

Add a punch of orange to your wardrobe!

Too bold of a color for you? Try wearing neutral colored clothing and wear "pops" of orange!

Here are some accessories that are hand picked by yours truly that will help you incorporate such a fun color into your closet!
1.) Vintage Carved Coral Cluster Necklace - So delicate and feminine! This is a versatile piece that could be worn every day or worn with a fancy dress! A great accessory for any outfit!
Enamel Flower Orange Charm Bracelet - This piece is so original and fun! The orange makes a great pop of color in this bracelet! Beautifully made too!
Full Moon Polka Dot Purse in Tangerine - The first thing I thought when I saw this? Darling! Perfect for date night!
Carnelian Chandelier Earrings - I am in love with these earrings! I may just have to buy them before you do! Eye catching, no?
Wind Tossed Flowers Necklace in Orange - Amazing statement piece in such a beautiful shade of orange! Also, the creator says that her chiffon jewelry can be made into just about anything!
Orange Miniscarf with Ruffle - This scarf is such a fun way to wear orange! I love it because it smaller so it can be worn in the fall and take you all the way through winter and spring!
Nostalgic Rose Ring in Tangerine - What's not to love about this ring? The color is lovely, the size makes it eye catching and the vintage feel to it makes a great statement. And it comes in lots of other colors too!

I hope these lovely accessories are as inspiring to you as they are to me!

Happy No Frumpy Frau Friday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Begins Tomorrow!

Every Friday, beginning with tomorrow, I will be posting about No Frumpy Frau!

Just what is Frumpy Frau?

I see it as this: I am a busy mom of 4 and most of the day, I feel as though I am being pulled in a million different directions, and my time is extremely limited, especially time for myself.

Some days, I have found myself giving up on trying to look nice and caring about my appearance becomes an afterthought.

That's when Frumpy Frau sneaks in. A.K.A. the "I give up" look.

So I am hereby dedicating every Friday to banning the Frau that can sneak up on us unsuspecting women!

Sure it takes a bit more effort and time to look nice, but for me, it's worth it. For the most part, keeping the Frau at a distance makes me feel better about myself. If I'm in a slump, caring for myself can help me perk up a lot of the time.

Come back tomorrow for the first installment of No Frumpy Frau Friday! I will be showcasing fashionable and inexpensive items and discussing ideas that will help us all fight the frump!

So read along with me and take the No Frau Vow!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful "Fluffy" Flowers!

Add some pizazz to that ponytail! Or dress up that cute cardigan! Use one to spruce up your purse! So many fun possibilities! Find them at my etsy store!